is the upcoming magazine by BAM,
Art Director Anna Berlin & OOOZ Club.

Shot in Barcelona over a weekends time, the easy-peasy fashion & automotive related images portray Noé, Irina, and Frederic. The whole series entailed cruising around and shooting with the clique and the collectors car BMW M6 from 1986.

The aim was to create a bubble, an environment where people would feel such a „NO PROBLEM“, peer-to-peer interaction on set. The limited edition magazine includes the legendary extraterrestrial ALF that was hanging from the rearview mirror of the shooting car, wearing his most famous quote „NO PROBLEM“ from the TV shows that aired on NBC in 1986 too.

All pictures were taken as one shots, wich have been hardly retouched by Hamburg’s Post-Production boutique TREY Digital Studio.

Photography: BAM Photographers
represented by KAI TIETZ
AD: Anna Berlin
Production: FALCA
Post Production: Elisabeth Winter @TREY & @BAM Studio
Casting: Kirsten Bätzel Production World
Cast: 4Play Management Hamburg & IXME AYDIHO Berlin
Styling: Natalie Schneider
H&M Unit #1: Katharina Nitzpon
H&M Unit #2: Alba Gillén
Upcoming Mag by:
Funs Kurstjens & Tanja Geltsch